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Games for the Sophisticated
Ditch Candy Crush and its Kiddie Theme!!!!!
A Twist on a Match 3 Puzzle Game
My Jewel Empire, Match 3
Apple (IOS) Version coming soon!!!! 
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My Jewel Empire, Match 3
My Jewel Empire, Match 3
My Jewel Empire, Match 3
My Jewel Empire, Match 3
My Jewel Empire, Match 3, fiduciary Hearings
My Jewel Empire, Match 3, data, startups
My Jewel Empire, Match 3, University of Michigan, Economics
My Jewel Empire, Match 3, wealth building,University of Michigan, Economics
My Jewel Empire, Match 3, Game accelerator

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Ida Byrd-Hill
Kevin Hill
Co-Founder & CTO
Rohan More
Game Play Developer
Ameya Gadkari
Data & 
Artificial Intelligence Developer
Rodney Davis
Quality Assurance  & Monetization Developer

  • Grew financial advisory firm to 353 million in assets
  • Created a financial planning program, SMART MONEY- Financial Fitness Course for UAW/ Chrysler employees
  • Guided mortgage loan applications through underwriting process 
  • Graduate BA Economics University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 1989 
  • MBA Jack Welch Management Institute, 2014

  • Web developer, Ahold USA
  • Coordinated 4 person startup team;Developer of  Memloom
  • Developed Quicken Loans, The Brain  2014
  • Advise small businesses in website development
  • Planning RIT Cryptocurrency Hackathon
  • Bachelor in Information Technology Rochester Institute of Technology Expected May 2018

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Game Play Programmer, Robros
  • Prototyped RPG game, Racoon Riot
  • Prototyped RTS game, Ecoland
  • Graduate Apprentice, Travelex Foreign Exchange Service, 2013-2014
  • Masters Entertainment Arts and Game Engineering, May 2017 University of Utah
  • Bachelor Computer Engineering University of Mumbai,  2014

  • Lead & UI Programmer, Robros
  • Coordinated team of 9 
  • Prototyped RPG game Racoon Riot
  • Prototyped Asteroids Infinite
  • Prototyped Fashion Police
  • Masters Entertainment Arts and Game Engineering May 2017 University of Utah
  • Bachelor Electronics Engineering University of Mumbai  2014

  • RouteOne - Web developer, 2015- present
  • Multivision - Java/J2EE developer, 2013-2014
  • Developed Touch Commando game, 2014
  • Published and Monetized Touch Commando game on Sony Play Station Market, 2014
  • FANUC Robotics Software Engineer, 2014
  • DTE Energy IT Developer, 2014
  • Bachelor Science Computer Science Wayne State University,  2014

Competition with our jazz infused match 3 puzzle game, where players attempt to acquire more gemstones and coins than their colleagues to end the game with the LARGEST jewel empire.​

Challenge your colleagues to level duels to see who is strategically THE BEST.
Join Anna, Keisha and Friends
Feel the Rush and Exhilaration
Experience Luxury and Wealth
They took their own Girls Trip to a Caribbean resort  for some fun and sun. While there, they purchased some of the duty-free jewelry. The jewelry store owner stated the jewels had magical powers to make people wealthy. Almost immediately, they felt powerful. Business ideas began to flow. Join Anna, Keisha and friends acquire gemstones to build a jewel empire.
My Jewel Empire is for the sophisticated gamer who desires wealth, luxurious environments and culture. Unlike Candy Crush, My Jewel Empire is set in a scenic culture of waterfalls and a light jazz trio of piano, double-bass and drums. Get true relaxation as you indulge in gaming. De-stress in style.
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